Metta’s New Strategy Under COVID19 (May 2020 to March 2023) PDF

Metta’s New Strategy Under COVID19 (May 2020 to March 2023) Metta Development Foundation, Myanmar

The COVID19 pandemic has ripped through the world.  In Myanmar health and socio-economic aspects are greatly impacting internally displaced people, returnee migrant workers, factory workers, small holder farmers, women, disabled people and other vulnerable groups. Metta is particularly concerned for people living in IDP camps where health systems are weak and most households dependent on external assistance to cover basic needs.

This strategy document conveys how COVID19 impact will be a cross cutting objective in all Metta intervention. The short-term objectives will support containing the virus, avoiding overloading health systems and reducing sickness and death whilst maintaining sustenance community support systems. Metta will endeavour to ensure rights to and provision of health and essential services for vulnerable groups. This will include appropriate humanitarian responses considering food security and livelihoods. Metta will conduct staff and partner education for safety of all engaged in implementation and spearhead the identification and mitigation of longer term COVID risks.

The longer-term vision is for Metta to become a national Resource-Hub for Myanmar’s civil society to respond, mitigate and recovery from COVID19 impacts.  Thus, Metta will address identified risks and ensure correct information and application methods for ongoing safety and health measures.  They will support food sovereignty, community led livelihood and advocacy for small holder farmers including sustainable agriculture, land-rights and natural resource governance. To deliver the strategy Metta will work closely with CSOs whilst networking with other concerned multi-levelled stakeholders for a joined-up approach. Metta will also ensure to engage with government relevant departments, members of parliaments, local authorities as well as with Ethnic Armed Organisations in their respective area.