Centre for Development Workers was established in 2013. At the centre, we cultivate purposeful, ecological and communal living. We work with and for the surrounding the community, both human and non-human. We collaborate closely with local people and organisations and seek to provide education and training, which relates directly to their wishes and needs. We also welcome individuals and groups from further afield who wish to invest in our work, share knowledge and/or use our facilities for training, education, workshops and conference.


The Centre for Development Workers is located in Bulae Inn Village, Bago Township, Bago Region and about forty miles (eighty-eight kilometers) north east of Yangon city, or one and half hour drive from the old Yangon-Mandalay highway.

Our Services

At the Centre, we see an opportunity to deepen our understanding of ecological sustainable living systems and to work across physical, environmental, economic, social and emotional boundaries towards survival and change. We welcome diversity, new ideas and new projects.

Facilities and Accommodations

We have two large multi-purpose halls with facilities for presentations and break-out group work. We can accommodate up to 60 people. Shared bedrooms are spacious and cool with two beds, ensuite bathrooms and balconies, minimizing energy consumption by using natural-air conditioning and maxmising natural light. Centre has a Café for your leisure time to relax after long day of sharing and learning.


We serve wholesome nutritious meals using locally sourced fresh ingredients and can accommodate special diet if needed.

Bambo Shade Café

We serve good taste coffee, ginger tea and other nature products of Bago centre. Our products are “natural, healthy and ecologically safe”, thus are safe and suitable for health. Most of these products are produced by the local communities supported by Metta Development Foundation and part of the profit goes to the communities. Your contribution at Bambo Shade Café means you are contributing to social enterprise that helps local communities, trained men and woman farmers. We hope you will enjoy next time when you come to our centre.

An Ecological Learning and Living Centre. We offer a warm welcome and a friendly, supportive learning environment. We follow principles of ecological living, re-cycling, composting and avoiding plastic waste whenever possible.


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